Radiation Monitoring Open Data

This is the Radiation Monitoring Open Data API, that is populated using the EPA’s Environmental Radioactivity Ireland Central (ERIC) data warehouse. ERIC is a single repository that contains all terrestrial and marine environmental radioactivity and radiological data from routine monitoring programmes and research projects from 1982 to the present day. The data is stored using the European Commission‘s Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring (REM) format. ERIC stores only validated results from data source repositories.

See more at the EPA’s Radiation Monitoring page.

Note: Please see important information regarding the is_mda field at the bottom of the page.

Open API Documentation (Swagger)


Radiation Monitoring API Endpoints


Pagination is managed using the page parameter, and the number of results per page is determined using the per_page parameter, e.g.

A single record can be returned by entering the measurement_id of the location at the end of the URI, e.g.


Important Note on Data
Note: The is_mda field is very important as this determines whether the data reported is a measured activity as opposed to not being detected. The is_mda field determines whether the data reported is a measured activity or below the Minimum Detectable Activity of the monitoring equipment used to make the measurement. If the is_mda field is False then the result is detected: use the Value field to determine the activity. The Uncertainty field will tell you the level of uncertainty for that value. If the is_mda field is True, then the result reported is below limits of detection. The Value field will tell you the Minimum Detectable Activity, in this instance the reported result should be either Not Detected or < Value



The data provided in the API is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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