Extractive Industries Open Data

This is the Extractive Industries (EI) Open Data API. This information is populated using the EPA’s CRM system and EDEN Authorisation Module. The Radiation and Waste Thematics team in the Office of Environmental Enforcement in the EPA manage this data. The EPA provides this information to the public via the EPA.IE website.

Open API Documentation (Swagger)


Extractive Industries API Endpoints
Local Authority

Retrieve list of organisations responsible for registering extractive industry facilities. List includes local authorities and Environmental Protection Agency.


Site Status

Retrieve list of site statuses associated with extractive industry facilities.


Extractive Industry List

Retrieve list of extractive industry sites:


Extractive Industry Search

Search for extractive industry facilities:


Search for extractive industry facilities based on local authority, status, name or registration number.

Extractive Industry

Retrieve details for an extractive industry facility:



The data provided in the API is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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